Customized promotional pens for your corporate marketing

Stilolinea promotional pens for promoting your brand

Stilolinea promotional pens are the most useful items for your company marketing.

Here are ten good ways to use them:

1) To give away a Stilolinea promotional pen can be a nice thanks to your customers for choosing your brand; 

2) To give away a Stilolinea promotional pen to your suppliers, it will be a pleasant gift;

3) Using Stilolinea promotional pens during the fairs, visitors will remember your company better and more than giving a business card; 

4) If you will equip your network agents with a Made in Italy personalized pen, you will strengthen the company's image on the market; 

5) Let remember your brand by giving a Stilolinea promo pen to people who come to visit your company;

6) Use Stilolinea customized pens with your brand in all stores or branches of your activity: a little gesture, but it will pay off in terms of perceived image;

7) If you sponsor a sporting club, cultural or artistic activities, give away your promotional pens; 

8) Give your promotional pens to associations present in your local area which are using lot of pens and paper (tourist offices, information offices, bars, restaurants), you will get known by new customers; 

9) Send a Stilolinea promotional pen along with your postal advertising in the letterbox: the pen will never be thrown away;

10) Keep always a Stilolinea promotional pen in your pocket, you'll be the first ambassador of your company. 

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